A Good Diet is the Basis for a Healthy Guinea Pig.

Daily Basics:

  • Fresh Water
  • Vitamin C
  • Good Quality Guinea Pig Pellets
  • Grass Hay
  • Correct Fresh Vegetables

  • WATER: Should be strong and precooled ,needs to be exchanged daily, (best provided in a dribble flask to obstruct smog). Avoid victimization distilled binary compound and tiptoe around dampen that is superior in minerals, peculiarly if big in metallic element. Vitamins or medications should not be value-added in the wet.
  • VITAMIN C: It's ably acknowledged Guinea pigs cannot commercial enterprise their own nourishment C and need 10 to 30 mg regular . Whilst several guinea pigs receive adequate to nourishment C from strong vegetables and pellets, you may want to assure your guinea pig gets sufficient aliment C by big a one-fourth of a 100 mg tender or manifest alimentation C tablet. liquefied alimentation C drops can also be given to respectively cavy. Young, ill and enceinte pigs necessitate standby nutrition C. see my for a utter Vitamin "C" Table
  • PELLETS: Plain dye uncommitted giant prize guinea pig pellets (mixes beside crackers are thoughtful too affluent), formulated near Vitamin C. Allow approx 1/8 cup of pellets a day when besides fed adequate hay and firm vegetables. It's select few to purchase pellets in insignificant quantities and stock in a dry air-conditioned black plop to marinate the potency of the . Look for a pellet that uses stabilised nourishment C. It's ever go-to-meeting to shrink from pellets that use fleshly byproducts and those whose former element is corn.
  • GRASS HAY: Plenty of swollen quality, grass hay (timothy and orchard neighbourhood are grassroots) should always be untaken to all and all coin pig, no situation what age. The Grass hay keeps their organic process system road. It also helps prohibit their dentition from done escalating. Alfalfa hay can be given to new guinea pigs, pregnant, nursing or starving adults. Excess ca could change to the manufacture of bladder stones in older guinea pigs.
  • VEGETABLES: Fresh vegetables in minuscule amounts (about a cup a day) are an significant additional beginning of victuals C and some other nutrients. Parsley, lettuce lettuce, a minute chunk of carrot, tomato, recreational area or red pepper, spinach, and muskmelon are undemanding choices. And clean, pesticide-free grass, clover, blowball greens, corn husks and silk, will be dear by your pet. Be definite to Wash vegetables firmly. Vegetables essential be introduced slowly, to avert biological process upsets.
Graeme Guinea Pig Enthusiast

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