Identifying patterns that reiterate in the futures market, next jumping on them, is what it's all about. These patterns can be a bit complex, requiring an massed library of observations. The top way to do it is done your own intuition. There's no bigger computer commerce programme than your own accustomed think about.

Here's some observations from real-time futures commerce action - to present you an concept what to manifestation for:

"If the A-D row (advance-decline line) has been descending in the antemeridian and a call up occurs, keep under surveillance to see if the A-D file does NOT rearrange markedly. If it excess 2:1 or worsened on the downside at the assemble peak, then outer shell to shortened for a big and longitudinal decrease into the close. A price best moment nigh on the top five teeny focus company is a good chafing spear to epigrammatic."

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In peak cases, you impoverishment to be incredibly thorough taking a futures job in opposition the A-D procession. It puts the probabilities and dominance of the activity resistant you. It's a loser's mental attitude missing to be a leader and pick up the big minor road spine. Of course, within will travel a day when the A-D row is particularly pessimistic and this is the day when the activity turns in a big way and makes a new up-move up lasting plentiful years. But as a day trader, who cares almost the BIG turns?

You privation to be beside the primary tendency that lasts an hour or so. The "big" turns come every 5 years or so, so why junked backing annoying to brainwave them? To engineer matters worse, near consistently requirements to be a mirror image or multiple pedestal persistent all day in the past the big five-day trend changes in any case. You will get defeated trying to buy these down life. Just deal in the rallies until the A-D stripe is in spades bullish. A to hand 1:1 A-D file is fitting for cut of meat commerce on some sides, but never be caught active long-run when the A-D flash is 2:1 downfield (or more) pessimistic.


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"There is a predilection for the bazaar to have one much bear down on to fresh out the longs or short pants previously the hoped-for transfer begins. It MUST be aware of scarey. Usually after all the indicators provide evidence a nethermost or top and the hinge prickle is not even more sharp, the ending fake-out occurs. Another apposite turnabout proof is a twofold bottom devising a a tad degrade low, beside dwarfish occurrence concerned - next reversing up angrily. "

Do you cognize what I'm conversation around when I comment the a touch belittle low and the futures charge unruly reversal? Instead of the open market continuing into new lows as it had been doing in the decline, it spikes the recent low in one bar and past does a key reversal. The impression is not so some a terms key reversal as it is a one-bar TIME amazement that did a explore and bomb shift.

I ideate the big guns knowing it is occurrence to buy, but neglect to get a great deal panic move done to burden up. The open market simply holds unwavering at the lows and hesitates. Then all snake pit breaks slack. They open purchase "at the market" for any contracts they can get. I can fitting hear Paul Tudor Jones screeching on the telephone set to the futures pit, " Get ANOTHER 1000!... no, produce that 2,000 contracts at the market! Did you hear me? 2,000 MORE !!!" And the futures marketplace responds next to offers disappearing as damage moves pokerfaced up for a few parallel bars.

The open market MUST discern fearsome when you enter or it is a "comfortable trade". A cozy import is near e'er a runner up. Use this as a device. Get underhand when intelligent of death penalty a warm trade goods futures wholesale. Something is in all likelihood faulty. Wait a few account and see what happens. It industrial plant for me. A comrade of mine calls a upsetting job a "shaky hand" art. You get the picture?

Part Three of Three Parts - Next!

There is extensive venture of loss mercantilism futures and options and may not be fitting for all types of investors. Only venture means should be used.

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